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Tattoo Removal  

& Laser Treatments 

We ensure the best results for removing any tattoo

Our Services

“We provide a range of laser services such as Tattoo Laser Removal, Eyebrow Laser Removal,  Carbon

Laser Peel (Skin Rejuvenation) and Freckles Laser Removal.” Plus we sell good skin care products (find

out more in the products page). Contact us for extra information


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Here you get a wide range of tattoo removal services. We use the best technology to ensure amazing results.

Choose your required service now at the most reasonable price.

Tattoo Removal

Finest tattoo removal with the best laser technology. Choose your plan from the


1 Hour  £30
Skin Rejuvenation

Get the natural glow back on your skin with our service. Choose your desired service now

1 Hour  £30
Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Experience the best eyebrow tattoo removal with us. Get the best package at the best price

1 Hour  £30
Freckles Removal

Get the best freckles removal job done by our experts. Choose the right plan for yourself

1 Hour  £30

Our Equipment

Magic Star uses the latest technology Tattoo Removal Machine. It is compounded  of the Q-Switch and Picosecond technology all in one, with a German Lamp, for a precise measure of the  laser depth, which helps to hit straight the ink at its level without damage the outline skin and leaving any scars like outcome, this is the best high quality tattoo removal result.


We offer a variety of enhancement treatments, customized to your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for firmer skin or a tattoo removal,  our staff providing the safest procedures and implementing the latest technologies in the market. We only employ certificated aestheticians who will work together with you to find the best way to achieve your goals. Get in touch if you want hear more


Shop Our Skin Care Products

We have an extended range of effective and natural skincare products. These can set you free from different skin issues. So,

shop for the best skincare product at the most amazing price.

Skin Treatment Services

Here at Skincare Magic Star, we offer different types of tattoo removal and skincare services with the best results.

Choose your required treatment from the available treatments.

Tattoo Removal

Small [1-5cm] =                  £30

Medium [6-10cm] =            £60

Large [11-20cm] =              £100

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

1-Session =            £120

3-Session =            £100 x 3

5- Session =           £80   x 5

Skin Rejuvenation

1-Session =             £120

3-Session =             £100 x 3

5- Session =            £80   x 5


Our Client Say

They are very professional and super friendly which helps as I was very nervous starting my first treatment.They are very affordable and the results I have seen from my first couple of treatments are amazing!They have also been doing my facial carbon peels and my skin looks absolutely glorious.10 out 10